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Monday, October 3, 2016

The Secret Revealed

 Thus, we arrive at the secret of losing. All of our inner emptiness has shown us that holding on just prolongs the suffering. Letting go is key to truly gaining - being emptied is how we are filled. Nothing comes in life without a cost. There is a sacrifice to be made for everything important and, often, we must give up that which is dearest to us in order to grasp something greater. Ecclesiastes 3:6 says that,

"...there is a time to get, and a time to lose; 
a time to keep, and a time to cast away."

It is part of the reality of life, and the sooner we can recognize that, the sooner we will embrace our losses when they come. This doesn't mean that they won't hurt us anymore. Of course they will. They will every time. But, with each loss, will come perspective. There will be a "Who" behind the "why."
 Sometime ago, I wrote a poem about this called simply, Letting Go. I think it explains this well:

"I have walked through valleys and climbed mountain hills;
I've experienced pain and experienced thrills;
As I've passed through it all, there is one thing I know:
The true secret in life is letting go.

The road may not take us to paths we desire;
Instead, we may find ourselves facing the fire;
But the thing to remember, no matter the blow:
The true secret in life is letting go.

Our journey is planed for us right from the start;
It's meant to create in us a new heart,
So the truth to hold onto as onward you go:
The one secret in life is letting go.

You cannot own forever the things you hold dear;
The path that you walk on will be sprinkled with tears;
But the one thing to cling to, and the one thing to know:
Is the secret in life is letting go."

As backward as it may seem, to God, losing is actually gaining. And it should be the same for us. The pain of our circumstances can teach us so much about life. It's funny how we shy away from it...even when we know that we'll learn something valuable. No matter how many times we go through things, we never seem to get past that voice within us that says, "It's too hard." 
God will never put us through something that He knows we can't handle. He doesn't work that way. What He brings us to, He will bring us through. Faith is what binds us to His will and allows us to resign our spirits to the One who really does have all the answers. It is not our place to question Him - only to surrender. In time, the secret is revealed:

"Blessed is the man who perseveres under trial, because
when he has stood the test, he will receive the crown of life
that God has promised to those who love him."
(James 1:12)