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Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Quote of the Day

"It is a great support and solace to the saints in all their distresses, that there is a wise Spirit setting all the wheels of providence in motion. He governs the most irregular creatures and their most destructive designs to a blessed and happy outcome. It would not be worth living in a world devoid of God and providence. God will not expose any that take shelter under his wings and who fly to him for sanctuary. All the issues of providence are beneficial to the saints. How cheering, supporting, and encouraging is the consideration of these things! What life and hope it inspires in our hearts and prayers when great pressures lie upon us! In heaven, how delightful a sight it will be to behold the whole design of providence that we could not understand in this world! All the dark, intricate, and puzzling providences at which we sometimes stumbled, and which we could not reconcile with the promises, and which we so unjustly condemned and bitterly bewailed as if they had fallen out against our happiness; we shall then be able to understand them. Our present views of providence are imperfect in comparison to heaven. Yet our earthly view, under all its present disadvantages, has so much sweetness in it that I may call it a little heaven. It is certainly a highway of walking with God in this world. A soul may enjoy sweet communion with him in his providences. How often have observers melted into tears of joy at seeing his wise and unexpected productions? How often, if the Lord had left them to their own counsels, they would have been their own tormentors? We can give our hearty thanks that providence considers our interest more than our importunity, protecting us from perishing by our own desires."
                                  - John Flavel in Voices From the Past