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Friday, July 3, 2015

Prayer of the Day

"You, dear Lord, that have made heaven and earth, of your own good will towards me before I existed, yes, before the world was, have chosen me in Christ to be your child. You have become my most loving Father…I can cast my whole care upon you, trust and call on you, with comfort and certain hope for all things I need…Your power is almighty and your will so bountiful. I should behave as your child, rejoicing, praising, trusting, fearing, serving, loving, and calling upon you. But alas, how heavy-hearted I am! I am unthankful, full of unbelief and doubting of your rich mercy. How little I love, fear, and call upon you! Be merciful to me, forgive me, good Father, for your own sake, and grant me the Holy Spirit and reveal yourself to me, that I may truly know, love, and faithfully hang upon you for all my needs."
                                   - John Bradford in Voices From the Past