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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

A Message I Need To Hear Often

 It is early on a Sunday morning, and I walk into the large church, along with dear friends. I have never worshipped here before - recent travels have brought me here for a brief time - but I am eager and waiting to hear from God. As I near the doorway, I notice a beautiful plaque: it is broken, cracks running straight through. But even in the imperfection, a message of hope still shows through…a message I need to hear:

"I am the Lord, the God of all mankind.
Is there anything too hard for me?"
-Jeremiah 32:27

I stop and reflect. This simple plaque is a symbol of my soul - cracked, it shows the broken places of a sometimes harsh journey through life. But the pieces have been put back together so that the message still speaks. God still speaks through the shattered remnants of my once-hopeless and broken life. He is a God who delights in making the broken beautiful, and I have, through faith, allowed Him to do so with my heart. Just as the plaque reveals a story, so too does my life. I have had my share of troubles, of dark and desperate days. But the masterful hands of my Creator redeemed them for a greater purpose. Nothing in my past has been wasted. From the cracks, hope still runs through. The One who makes all things possible promises the same for me today: there is nothing too difficult, too broken for Him not to mend and perfect. Only He can accomplish such a miracle as this. 
As I make my way into the church, I repeat the message to myself: He is the Lord, and there is nothing too hard for Him.