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Monday, August 18, 2014

Re-gaining Sight

Life moves so quickly. Too quickly, it often seems. Recently I have felt the pressure of life in the fast lane. Even as I know that this is a season of much doing, I still find myself wishing that I could savor it all a bit more. The hours turn into days, the days into weeks and so on, until a year has passed...perhaps many years...before you realize it. The special things that make our journey what it is: family, friendships, the beautiful created world around us - all of these can get lost in the fray. In our effort to hurry onward, to accomplish more, we can lose sight of what matters most. As I continue to tend to the busyness of my day-to-day things, I repeat this to myself often: God's blessings, His little evidences of Grace, are always around. I must slow the craziness of my mind, the pounding of my heart, the racing of my spirit, and make myself aware of these gifts once again. Life should never be so busy that I cannot pause and thank. For, it is in this momentary stopping that I regain my sight.