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Thursday, April 13, 2017

What Would I Have Done?

 If I had walked this earth when Jesus did, what would I have done? This question has driven deep into my heart as of late. I have spent a great deal of time pondering what my own responses would've been if I had witness what the disciples did. What would I have said? What would I have done? 
Perhaps you would like to ponder with me as I place myself back in the time of Christ: 

What would I have done if I'd met Jesus? Would I have greeted Him with the eyes of faith and seen Him as the Savior? Or would I have turned a cold shoulder and been one of those calling for His death? 

What would I have done if I'd seen Jesus performing miracles and teaching radical truths of forgiveness and deliverance? If I'd watched Him touch the blind man, tell the woman caught in adultery not to sin anymore, heard Him speak to the Samaritan at the well and reveal her personal history... if I'd been there to see Him calm the storm...or even rise from the dead...would I have believed Him? 

What would I do if I found myself beginning to embrace the teachings of a rabbi-figure named Jesus who was turning the cultural norm of the day on its head? If I knew that following Him would cost me everything, would I still go?

Would I have failed to pray with Him as did the disciples in the garden as He sweat drops of blood and pleaded for His cup to be taken from Him? Would my desire for rest have robbed me of the ability to watch with the Savior as He endured such anguish as this for my sins? 

What would I say or think if I had to witness the crucifixion of the Savior? Would I have been among His close devoted followers, or would I have been in the neutral crowd? Worse yet, would I have been among those jeering and wishing for the release of a hated robber named Barabbas? Would I have turned down my own chance at salvation just to be rid of a man who failed to deliver on His supposed promise to free my people from the Romans? 

Would I have missed Jesus for who He really was? Would I have been so focused like some on the needs at hand that I would neglect the simple fact that the Provider of all things was right there? 

Would I have acknowledged the miracle that was the physical manifestation of the Son of God? Or would I have walked away? 

I will never completely know the answers to these since I was not alive then. But this thing I know - these questions must drive me to live today intentionally. To walk my life-journey in greater faith and daring. To believe outside of my own human wisdom so that my eyes can truly see God for who He is and what He's doing in the world. I don't want to miss the miracles He's performing in every day life today simply because I'm too "busy" to notice.