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Sunday, September 11, 2016

Never Forget

 It's been 15 years. 15 years since that fateful September day we now remember as 9/11. Three planes were hijacked by evil-spirited human beings who, in the name of their god, took thousands of lives and changed the history of our country forever. 
I recall quite a bit about that day...where I was, what I was doing, etc. But for me, living in Alaska, the events didn't impact much of my day-to-day life. But this year, for me, things are different. Earlier this Spring, I had the opportunity to tour the Pentagon with a family friend - one of the sites of the terrorist attacks that day. For years, the iconic images were emblazoned on my mind. Now, I have physical memories to go along with those pictures. I have seen the charred walls of the Pentagon...a lasting reminder of the cruel events that took place there. I have gazed out at the garden of remembrance there as well...I have looked in the memorial chapel where the names of the Pentagon workers, as well as the passengers of the airplane that hit the building are forever remembered. Going to the sacred ground of this spot has changed how I view this day. And I am even more grateful for the sacrifices of those who since then who have sought to protect and defend this nation from such a tragedy ever happening to that extent again. 
 In the months that followed September 11, 2001, long-time Christian music artist Michael W. Smith wrote a poignant song titled, "There She Stands," recalling the images of the flag being raised and the many brave souls who went to great lengths to protect the freedoms of this country. I only recently heard this but thought it appropriate to post today. In remembrance of this day and everything that took place, I now share his moving tribute to the victims, families, and patriotic spirit of 9/11.