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Monday, July 25, 2016


 Taking in the majestic views below, I enjoy a hard-earned rest on top of the mountain peak. This place is my favorite spot to get re-charged, to hear His voice and feel His peace. With three friends along for the hike - two for the first time - the fellowship is sweet and the day is downright perfect. 
 But then, the conversation with one turns personal...and life-changing. I hear the young man's heart, and it beats with the rhythm of one desiring a holier life. He shares of how this retreat to Alaska, this summer of playing baseball in the Last's changed everything for him. He wants to be a better man. He wants to reflect Jesus to others. I listen, and I quietly breathe a thanks to the One who brought all this about. 

 I reflect on the last several months and all that has led up to this. So many prayers for young men like many hours of intercession for their souls...ultimately, so much more than just the game of baseball. I realize that the labors of many culminate in moments like these. Miracles orchestrated by the hand of God. The same God who created this grand expanse I take in as the young ball player shares his story. 
 I realize that, in my job, I deal so much in business that it's easy to lose the perspective on why I do what I do. As in anything, I need perspective to keep my joy, to re-gain my outlook, to refresh my soul.  It occurs to me that in the workplace, in the any role each of us plays in's so easy to get myopic - to lose sight of the bigger picture on why we do what we do everyday. It's so easy to get wrapped up in the frustrations, the details, the joy-stealers that take away our focus and, before we know it...we lose perspective. We forget to look for Him and what He's doing. 
 Moments like these are an absolute necessity to remind us of our purpose on this earth. To help us see through to His plan. To allow us to align ourselves with His movement and direction so that we continue to put ourselves in a place to get hit by something holy. Life is about way more than earning money, pushing papers, making deadlines, and checking things off a list. Being productive for Him often will make us look un-produtive by the world's standards. Because what's relevant to them, what equals success in their eyes...isn't God. Yet how much more satisfying to know that our humble efforts are pleasing to Him than to gain the whole world but lose our souls...and those of others...along the way?! 
 I'd rather place myself in the path of faith than let fear run my life. I'd rather exchange "the good life" in worldly terms for moments of grace such as this one. And I will gladly endure months of challenges, of faith-testing just to see one soul opened to the Savior. Just to hear one life has been transformed. Just to know that one more young man will change the world because God has changed him. 
 The breeze gently blows as we sit and contemplate His goodness. And in my heart deep, I  say, "Thank you, Jesus, for everything."