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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

The Letter

 In honor of the United States Marine Corps' 240th birthday, I want to post the following poem I wrote several years ago. As the granddaughter of a US Marine and also someone who has been honored to call several Marines my friends, I dedicate this to all those who have put on the uniform and earned this prestigious title. It is the story of a little boy who aspires to join the Marines one day in honor of his Marine dad who was killed in the line of duty. May God bless the Corps and all those are part of its long and storied history! 

The Letter

Dear United States Marine Corps,
It's your birthday here today;
I am only five years old
But thought I'd write you anyway - 
'Cuz I've got to tell you something
If you'll listen…if I may…

You see, Marines are all my heroes -
They are daring, and they're brave;
They all care about our freedom;
That is what they fight to save.

But that's not the only reason
That I'm writing here, you see;
It's a much more sober thing, sir;
I'll continue, if you please…

My dad was a Marine, sir;
I don't know him 'cuz he died;
I was still too young to grasp it;
My mommy sat and cried.

But I want to tell you straight
That though it's early now to say,
I want to become a Marine, sir,
In the very worst, worst way. 

Will ya' make it happen for me
When I'm old enough to enlist?
It'll make me very happy,
And I know you won't resist.

I want to please my daddy, sir,
And make mom happy, too;
'Cuz you make men out of boys, sir;
This is what I want to do.

Please write me back and tell me
That you'll hold for me a place
So that when I am of age, sir,
I can meet you face to face.

In the mean, I'll be preparing 
For my future in the Corps,
So that I'll be more than ready
When I show up at your door.

I'll keep dreaming of that moment;
I'll work hard and do my part,
So I can be a Marine like daddy
And keep him always in my heart.