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Tuesday, August 11, 2015


 I stand on the bridge and watch the water slip beneath it. Cemented rocks formed together to make a means by which to cross from one bank to another without falling, without getting wet. I trust it to hold me up. And then I look down…and I see it written in the rock: TRUST. 

 That is what life is all about. Like the bridge, I place faith in the ability of God to uphold me, to sustain me from one transition to another. Life can be very uncertain. Scary even! Trying to live it without God is like trying to cross the water without a bridge - it can be done but it's a whole lot more fearful…and one can be swept away in the flowing current of time. Placing faith in the hands of the Savior releases me of the need to be in control. I no longer have to navigate the uncertain waters on my own. I am freed to believe, to hope. I am enabled to thank Him in the midst of great difficulties. I am allowed to live fully - no matter how challenging situations may be. And all this is possible because God can be trusted. As I once told a friend of mine, faith is believing in a predictable God in an unpredictable world. Change is always happening. Nothing stays the same. The current is forever flowing beneath us. But there is something to stand firm on. Some One that can be counted on regardless of the circumstances. There is nothing sweeter than to trust Him. That, in the end, is all that He asks for. And that makes all the difference.