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Thursday, June 12, 2014

Forgive - No Matter The Cost

  Several years ago, Christian singer Matthew West heard a most remarkable story. A woman's teenage daughter had been killed by a drunk driver, and he was facing a severe sentence for his actions. In spite of how contrite he was, justice was served as he was locked behind bars.  And yet, for the mother, something was missing. The woman still felt resentful. She was still angry. Even though the criminal had been dealt his consequences, she couldn't let go. 
  But God spoke into the pain of her grief and anger. She realized that she had to forgive...and that merely doing so in her heart wasn't enough. So, she began to reach out to the young man. Eventually, the day finally came when she met him for the first time. In that moment, she told him that she forgave him for taking her daughter's life. She told him that God could forgive him, too. Months later, because of her example, he surrendered his life to God and became close friends with the woman who had showed him such amazing forgiveness. 
  But that wasn't the end of the story! This incredible mother went on to appeal his sentence and to request that it be shortened. The appeal was granted, and the criminal was freed, having served less than half of his sentence. Amazingly, just days before his release, while on stage at a Matthew West concert, he joined the mother of the girl he had killed. They related their story together of the power of God's forgiveness and His ability to redeem. They have continued to share their story since then...
  Because of this powerful story, Matthew West's song, "Forgiveness" was written. It has since given hope to many through its message of redemption and grace. I share it with you now: